Rob Stewart came to our school today and guess what??? he showed our class and others the movie about Sharkwater. The movie was making everyone including the teachers laugh, when the doctor say something because it was just funny. When the movie finished we asked questions to Rob Stewart. Then he asked us questions and if we know the answer we get prizes. There were posters and the movie with autographs, it was just amazing. I like the movie because there was a few parts where the pirates fight in REAL which I was starring my eyes at the screen without even blinking. I loved the movie. I wish that Rob Stewart could film another movie and come to our school with another movie, I think rob is really smart and creative.

School Post

Lately we were making a movie about Where is the love? there is a movie from the older post about it. Me and my group was filming in the 6th floor playground and guess what I was the director of the group but the bad part was, I  never get to be in the group. My group did not let me contribute any ideas except eagle 8. There was one part that it was really cool where my friends was chasing each other and they were jumping of the stairs sliding pouring water on my friends head. Guess how long It took to film? It only took less than 80 minutes so that was quite boring. Anyways I got to have a chance to film. Now I think the teacher is editing the film that the whole class made  and it might even be on youtube. Skills right…..


Central Idea: Throughout life, our bodies go through a series of changes that make us who we are.
This central idea is sure going to make the whole class laugh, because there are things that are quite funny. We are also going to learn about puberty. For just this week I learned a lot like bones on the of our human body, our puberty parts and a lot. I am sure that this unit is going to be about memorization skills. Just this week we had a test that is about bones and muscles it is all about memorization. I did get quite a good mark.

Games I like

I like Need For Speed but I am still on blacklist #10. I like my car because it goes more then 150 mph. That’s So good , but still there are still a lot of people that could beat me. I think that this game is just shockikng once I played it how the quality was made and how realistic it is.

I also like ninja warz and I think I am quite addicted on it. But it seems to me that I just can’t stop playing because it’s so fun. The part where I win just feels good


On Wednesday, we went to camp it was quite annoying that I was with one of the lame student but also with one of the best student. There was making bread, learning how to build a tent, riding a bicycle, pirate cave,rock climbing and tie dye. I think the best thing was riding on a bike but we have to stop every 10 second. Camp was not bad.